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Find compelling insights in your people data to make more informed decisions


Prove your performance drivers

Despite the promise of actionable insights from People Data becoming routine, they remain elusive to most organisations.

We see five root causes to organisations not deriving benefit from their people data:

analytics barriers.png

These causes prevent the discovery and benefit of insights from demographic and individual difference data, survey data, operational and performance data, and the connection and joint analysis of these.

Good quality people analytics help to drastically improve the impact of core people processes, from meeting basic needs to providing a source of competitive advantage.

We can close the three key analytics gaps in your organisation



Failing to understand group differences in people data

noun_listening_2463686 (3).png

THe listening gap

Failing to adequately analyse qualitative data


the linkage gap

Failing to link survey data with the metrics that matter


Storytelling in HR Training Workshop

With our partner Intec, we offer a practical and engaging Storytellling in HR training workshop. The three key learning objectives of this one-day workshop are:

  1. A clear understanding of People Analytics (and where you and your organisation are on this journey)

  2. A strategy and methodology for deploying People Analytics at your particular organisation

  3. A well-defined first project to make an impact and deliver a wow factor - based on the People Analytics agenda at your company (getting started, getting buy in, Storytelling, delivering business wins)

Attendees at the last course had this to say:

“We are starting out on our People Analytics journey and the course was very helpful in providing a pragmatic framework for the delivery of a data driven HR service.”

Steve Boyd, HR Business Partner, RVS

“I really enjoyed the course. It has certainly made me think differently and I am excited to put what I have learnt into practice!" 

Tracey Webb - HR Operations Manager, Gloucestershire Constabulary

“Nice mix of theory and practise. I found the People Analytics demos easy to follow and very relevant for my HR business partner objectives.”

Ryan Marr, HR Business Partner, Exertis PLC

“I get a lot of emails promoting things but this one on HR Storytelling just jumped out at me. When I read it I found it to be just what I was looking for”

Andrew Kent - Head of People Analytics, Tesco Bank