1. of a colour intermediate between green and violet, as of the sky or sea on a sunny day.





  1. having or showing foresight; providing carefully for the future.

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For almost 15 years, we have helped organisations better understand their people

Our insight and guidance has enabled leaders to get to grips with culture and create sustainable performance in their businesses.

Over this time, we have developed a suite of great surveys and practical know-how based on experience and research.

We have also perfected our survey methodology – it ensures stakeholder engagement, is highly efficient and delivers quality.

Our approach is straightforward. Its why our clients enjoy working with us.

They appreciate our honesty, trust us, and we deliver improvements in their businesses.

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Our locations

We have clients throughout the world, which we support from our offices in London, Stavanger, and Perth.


A sample of our clients


Our Team



Director, Ball-Retrieval and Jumping Services

Tobi keeps the team active and is very keen on employee feedback - responding particularly well to ‘good boy’, ‘good dog’, ‘tidy work’, ‘who’s a cheeky boy’, and ‘would you like a treat?’. His trick repertoire involves sit, stand, drop, wait, crawl-along, roll-over, get shot by an imaginary gun, jump over this hedge, high-five, sitting pretty, and shake hands. However, his real talent is making everyone feel awesome to be alive.

Robert Browton.jpg

Robert Browton

Co-Founder, Managing Director UK

Rob works with clients and partners to help them understand their people and improve their culture. With 20 years’ experience in employee research and organisation development, he has lead a range of people and culture-related projects. Rob offers a great balance of science and practicality – helping businesses get great quality feedback from their people that can actually be harnessed for improvements.

Jon Wilson.jpg

Jon Wilson

Co-Founder, Managing Director Australia

As one of Australia’s leading Organisation Development specialists, Jon works with leaders to better attract, retain and develop high performing people. With 20 years’ experience in OD, he has led effectiveness reviews, leadership development programmes, change programmes, and redesigned the full range of HR processes in businesses across the spectrum of size and industry.


Jan Marsli

Managing Director, Norway

Jan has 20 years of experience working in global Human Resources / Management Consulting, developing and delivering effective people feedback, analytics and development programmes across Europe, Middle East, Asia and North America. He has consulted with a range of Fortune 500 companies across the world, working for Willis-Towers-Watson, Korn Ferry Hay Group and IBM.

Louisa Setchfield

Louisa Setchfield

Global Operations Manager

Louisa has over 15 years’ project management and consultancy experience, managing complex global employee surveys. Her capabilties cover project management, employee research, data processing and analysis, employee survey hierarchy design (including training clients), and managing quality.



Chief People Data Analyst

Rooven has 20 years’ experience in People Analytics and Enterprise Collaboration. A self-confessed Digital Evangelist and veteran of the era; he is particularly interested in the points where Society, Technology and Business intersect and the paradigm shifts that occur whenever this happens.

Sam Dawson

Sam Dawson

Engagement and Performance Advisor

Sam has 20 years’ experience delivering global employee engagement feedback and development programmes with clients such as Weetabix, the UK Post Office, BHP Billiton, National Australia Bank, Suncorp, Dulux and Specsavers, and Tesco. He has directed project teams and embeded people tech.



Performance-Based L&D Advisor

Paul has 20 years’ experience bringing learning experiences to life using bespoke, compelling interactive theatre techniques. Working across industries enables him to create compelling, realistic modules for organisations, including Ordinance Survey, Mercedes-Benz, Rolls Royce and Royal Mail.

Trust is fundamental to how people work together. When leaders take the time to genuinely understand their people’s experiences at work, they can get to grips with culture and create sustainable performance in their organisation


We have a long history of partnering with expert consultancies to provide value-added services to their clients.

Any of our valued partners would be happy to speak with prospective partners about their experience with us, including how we work and the impact our services have had on their businesses. If you would like to speak with an of our partners, please get in touch.


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