CUPID reports

Let us turn your employee survey and other people data into clear, impactful reports and presentations


Are you in 💖 with your people reports?

Most organisations spend the vast majority of their survey budget on the data collection process - with very little consideration given to how the results should be presented to help people use the data. Even dynamic dashboards from the latest survey technology aren’t designed to meet the actual needs of users of survey data.

Unsurprisingly, the users of survey reports and dashboards dislike them - they are unclear, provide little guidance to understand them, only located online and require a password to access them, and so on.

You and your users will fall in love with our CUPID reports because they are:

Despite rapid growth in survey technologies, organisations continue to provide reports that don’t meet the actual needs of users. This is one of the key reasons why survey programmes often don’t deliver improvements.

Any survey content, any survey technology

No matter what content or technology you use in your survey process, we can turn your survey data into beautiful reports and presentations that make an impact. Our reports and presentations can be customised with any survey content and designed to meet your exact branding requirements.

We enable your important workforce information to be understood, appreciated and acted on by the people that matter - your managers and teams.


Some sample pages from our reports